Village of Flanagan

Meeting Minutes September 19, 2014

Mayor R. Jerome Rocke called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with all reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. New Board Member Brian Boldt was installed as new trustee. Roll Call was answered by Bev Friese, Jason Montello, David Iverson, Al Hulse, Brian Boldt.


On a motion by Bev, seconded by David, minutes of the August meeting were approved.


On a motion by Jason, seconded by Al the treasurer’s report was approved. June Sales Tax = $4,449.75. August Motor Fuel Tax = $1,644.63.


On a motion by Al, seconded by Jason the bills were approved for payment on a 5 yes, 0 no 1 absent vote.


Police Report showed 14 calls, 5 citations. Problems with 4-wheelers and youth were discussed.


No comments from persons present.


Jeremy’s report included: 12 people signed up to paint shelters at parks; well and pump issues at the old fire house replaced, water notices in process, spray patching yet to be done, salt shed roof ridge cap yet to be done. Jeremy has resigned from the ambulance crew.


Consensus of the Board is to leave the balance in the Flanagan Fest account. Update on street repairs – see Jeremy’s report. Lee Russell purchased the Cub Cadets and Todd Barton the pick-up.


Employee Insurance update: our attorney gave us 3 alternatives; Item C seems the best way to go; we send checks to Jeremy and Caleb’s insurance companies. Also consensus was to get Joe on the same track as Jeremy.


Lift Station Equipment Discussion – to put one ground level with built-in generator wound need to know cost and whether a grant was available.


Truck Tire Discussion: Jeremy’s truck tires are too thin; is getting quote for new set. Dump truck has 3 different sets, all pretty bald.


Playground equipment to be delivered and installed by September 18th by the company from Springfield.


Considerable discussion concerning Jensen Estates determined Dave, Jeremy, Jerome and Brian are to investigate best places for sump on 400 Road. The Board will not accept anything until the dirt piles are gone, a siltation curtain is installed, ditches cut to channel water, need for time lines/deadlines/guidelines in writing, no snow removal, retention basis needs to meet our guidelines.


Sharon Roberts, who lives by Sun Ag, wants to be hooked up to city water. Vote of the Board was no.


Good Samaritan is asking for donations for the Fall Festival October 11. Board consensus is to say no to groups asking for donations.


Discussion about alleys: need for rock, list of number of alleys, what is an incorporated alley, easement for utilities, and who maintains the alleys.


Trick-or-treating Halloween hours 4-7 pm.


On a motion by Bev, seconded by Al, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,





Dana L. Worrell-Jumper