Village of Flanagan

Meeting Minutes – October 18, 2016      7:00 PM


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Jason Montello.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Roll call was answered by Jason Montello, Bev. Friese, Dennis Carls, Allen Hulse and Brian Boldt.

Absent – Dave Iverson


On a motion by Allen Hulse, seconded by Dennis Carls the minutes of September 20, 2016, were approved with one correction.


The September 2016 Sales Tax was $4526.92 and Motor Fuel Tax was $2128.84. On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Bev. Friese, the Treasurers Report was approved.   M/C


On a motion by Allen Hulse, seconded by Dennis Carls, the bills were approved.  5 Yes 0 No


The police report was presented by Jay Mitchell.  There were 38 calls and 2 citations.   Halloween will be observed on October 31st, 4-7 PM.  Lions will hold their party from 5-8 at Legion Lake.


Employee Report

Caleb Freese reported that employees are getting equipment ready for winter, patch/painted old Dodge, are ready to pick up leaves, bathroom in Artesian Park winterized and shut down – bathroom at Legion Lake will be winterized and shut after the Halloween Party on October 31st, new heaters in well houses installed, pictures of properties that need clean-up being taken, several more meters are done with just a few left to do yet.


People Present

Adam Dontz  from Greater Livingston County Development was present.   He extended his condolences on the passing of Mayor Jerome Rocke.   Several upcoming dates:  October 19th – Committee Meeting;  November 29th – elected officials leadership training.  If we want to have our own leadership training presentation notify him.


Open Business

Bev Friese reported on behalf of the Personnel Committee.  They had met and recommended the

following salary raises…..Caleb Freese $18.50 per hour to $19.20 per hour; Ben Spencer $10.30 per hour to $14.50 per hour.  Health insurance for Caleb and Ben will increase from $250.00 monthly to $265.00 monthly.  Brian Boldt made a motion, seconded by Al Hulse , that the board approved these increases.  Caleb – 5 Yes, 0 No;  Ben – 5 Yes, 0 No;  Insurance increse – 5 Yes, 0 No

It was reported that Dave Iverson had talked to employee Joe Hassinger as to his wages.   Board will act on this next month.   Part-time employee Blake Blankenbeckler will be paid $9.50 per hour.


New Business

Two rebate applications forms from  new businesses had been received.   As the one business was already closing, no action was taken on it.  On a motion by Dennis Carls, seconded by Allen Hulse, the rebate application from Pro Auto Sales, 100 W. Falcon Highway, Flanagan, IL, was approved.  The amount of the rebate will be $500.00.   5 Yes – 0 No


2016 Fiscal Year Ordinance – This ordinance runs from May 1st to April 30th.   Due to death of Mayor Rocke, this ordinance did not get submitted in time.   Caleb reported he had talked to our attorney, checked at court house, and was awaiting a call from the IL Municipal League on this issue.   He will work to get this issue cleared up.   On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dennis Carls this issue will be tabled to next month.  5 Yes – 0 No


Proposed Changes to Existing Nuisance Ordinances – Attorney David Babb who is working with the Village of Flanagan on cleaning up properties within the village, submitted a list of changes that need to be made to our existing ordinances.   They are as follows:


Ordinance 2009-0-2     Certain Weeds, Grasses, Plants

Ordinance 2009-0-4     Enumerating Certain Public Nuisances



Ordinances 2010-04     Adopt IBC of 2009 and International Maintenance Code with Amendments

Ordinance 2011-02       Adopting Vacant Building Nuisance



Ordinance 2009-01       Inoperable Vehicles – Nuisance

Ordinance 2012-01       Regulating Traffic and Parking

Ordinance 2016-01       Amending Ordinance 12-4, Repealing 11-__Re Non-

Highway Vehicles

Fines and Penalties

Ordinance 2010-5         Establishing Fines and Penalties – Ordinance Violations

On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Bev. Friese, the board voted to go ahead and make the above changes to our existing ordinances.    5 Yes – 0 No


Mayor Jason Montello reported that he had met with several mayors from other small villages in regard to the police contract.   He suggested that we talk to others about this and then contact Livingston county Board Members and ask them why they want to increase this contract.   Livingston County Board members from District Three include: Vicki Allen, Cullom, William Peterson, Fairbury, Paul Ritter, Pontiac, Tim Schaefer, Fairbury, Justin Goembel, Fairbury, Mark Runyon, Fairbury, Stan Weber, Pontiac and John Yoder, Gridley.


On a motion by Allen Hulse, seconded by Brian Boldt, the meeting was adjourned at 7:52 PM.   M/C


Bev. Friese

Acting Secretary