MEETING MINUTES  – May 17, 2016 

Mayor R. Jerome Rocke called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with all present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.   Roll call was answered by Bev. Friese, Jason Montello, Dennis Carls, Al Hulse, Dave Iverson and Brian Boldt.

Beverley Friese was appointed clerk for the meeting.  

On a motion by Al Hulse, seconded by Dennis Carls, the minutes of the April 19, 2016, meeting were approved as corrected. 

On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dave Iverson, the Treasurer’s Report was approved.  February Sales Tax was $3703.45, Motor Fuel Tax $2526.15.

On a motion by Jason Montello, seconded by Al Hulse, the bills were approved by payment.

6 yes, 0 no

The Police Report showed 69 calls (April 1-May 16) with 4 citations.   Golf carts will be fined $50 if not properly equipped. 

Adam Dontz-GLCDEC was present and shared with the board GLCDEC’s Annual Report and some of their accomplishments and future programs. He mentioned that it was first time the Village of Flanagan had ground identified for potential manufacturing use.  Informed the board of company jobs cut-backs and at the same time potential jobs coming into Livingston County.   He stated that he is working on a program with local manufacturers where graduating students who are not going on to a college but want to enter the work force could go through a program and certification especially designed for them.  He also talked about grant money available for businesses. Application for these grants available by calling him.   Also stated that we needed to appoint another representative to the board to replace Pastor Dana Jumper.  He thanked the board for our involvement and encouraged us to share any concerns with him. 

Employee Caleb Freese gave the board his report:  Dumpsters ordered for clean-up day, golf cart ordinance ready for approval, tree contract signed, asked if we wanted Legion park pathway and depot parking lot sealed this year, fish ordered and here, equipment for doing sides of road here but needs some adjustment.  Caleb stated he had talked to a number of residents about the condition of their property.  The next step if they don’t start cleaning it up will be written notice followed by fines, property lien, and then steps by an attorney.    On a motion by Jason Montello, seconded by Dave Iverson, the board voted to seal the park pathway and depot parking lot.   Cost would be $1300.00.  

Old Business:

Clean-up Days  May 18-20   Everything ready – dumpsters to arrive tomorrow.  No televisions, computers, tires, paint, appliances.

Tiling Bill – All completed.  The bill amounted to $115,142.31.   Chris Schneider was present and explained process, tile size, etc.  The only possible problem in the future might be in the Martin Addition.   He explained what could be done if there was a problem. Possible cost would be $10,000.00.   Special thanks to Chris for a job well done.   Letters will be sent to those whose property was crossed.  

Master Gardeners – Mary Schneider and Jan Rich Schneider were present.   They explained what work they had done (4 planters, Community Building, Legion Lake hill and park.  They also showed the board the plan they had for the “Welcome to Flanagan” signs.   Cost for work so far $222.00.

Golf Cart Ordinance – On a motion by Al Hulse, seconded by Brian Boldt, “An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 12-4 by Allowing and Regulating non-Highway Vehicles in the Village of Flanagan and Repealing Ordinance No. 11”  was approved.    6 Yes – 0 No

New Business:

The Motor Fuel Tax bid was lowered from $26,500 to $24,149.00.

Jensen Estates Ordinance – John Martin is ready to dedicate Jensen Estate.  All paperwork is done.   Discussion on who does mowing and if dirt need to be hauled in around gutters.  Village responsible to mowing around pond only.  No dirt needed as grass holding back dirt.  On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dennis Carls, “An Ordinance Accepting Public Improvements in Jensen Estates Subdivision”, No. 16-02, was approved.   6 Yes, 0 No

Backhoe Lease –  On a motion by Jason Montello, seconded by Dave Iverson, the Village of Flanagan will renew the lease on the backhoe at a cost of $4,086.41 per year.    6 Yes, 0 No

Summer Help – Caleb Freese said he had contacted several about possible summer part-time employment. Tanner Bertsche is interested in that position.   He also stated that Ben Spencer would like to be considered for a full time position with the Village of Flanagan.  On a motion by Jason Montello, seconded by Brian Boldt, Tanner will be hired at $9.50 per hour (Caleb to let him know when he is needed. His hours will fluctuate as per work needed to be done.)  We welcome Ben on as a full-time employee.  He will be paid $14.00 per hour.  The board asked Caleb to check with Flanagan-Cornell Schools in regard to setting up some type of co-op program that would help us in the future with finding part-time summer help.  Age, work list, insurance would be taken into account.   In the meantime, Mayor Rocke will check and see if this is feasible at our end.

Village Clerk Position:  Mayor Rocke reported that he had talked to several about taking the one-year vacancy position as Village Clerk.  In talking with Kristy Dodge, she would be willing to assume this position.   Jerome will fill her in as to job responsibility, etc.   A tape recorder will be purchased to help her. 

GLCDEC Dues – On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dave Iverson, the board voted to continue membership in GLCDEC for 2016-17 ($2200.00)     6 Yes – 0 No   

We will also need a representative on their board.   We will check and see if it is possible to have Village of Flanagan board members take turn attending their meetings (4 meetings per year) rather than have just one representative.  

On a motion by Al Hulse, seconded by Dennis Carls, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Bev. Friese, Acting Clerk