Village of Flanagan

Meeting Minutes March 15, 2016


Mayor R. Jerome Rocke called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with all present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll Call was answered by Bev Friese (late arrival), Jason Montello(late arrival), David Iverson, Al Hulse, Brian Boldt.  Dennis Carls was absent.


On a motion by Al, seconded by David the minutes of the February meeting were approved.


On a motion by Brian, seconded by Al the Treasurer’s report was approved.  December Sales Tax = N/A.  February Motor Fuel Tax = $2438.59.


On a motion by David, seconded by Brian the bills were approved for payment on a 3 yes, 3 absent vote.


Police report showed 14 calls, 2 accidents, a suspicious person was identified, 3 warnings 0 citations.  The department has a new reporting system so our report next month should look different.  We should have police presence during the Village-wide Sale.


The Master Gardeners reported their upcoming activities for village beautification projects; planting at the Community Building, at the memorial at Legion Lake, flower pots on each end of Main Street.  Planting will take  place in May.  They were asked to design something on the west end of the village when the new sign is installed.


Mrs. McGuckin discussed updates to the Library.  Anyone in Flanagan who wants books can use the Pontiac library by applying for a card at the Flanagan Community Center.  A flyer was circulated explaining the updates.  Asbestos has been removed, the bats are gone, a general contractor has been hired to complete work by June 18, afterwhich shelves can be moved in and secured to the floor.


Caleb presented his report:

The MFT program review runs May 16-April 17.

Work to be completed on 400 Rd; South & 400 Rd; Main; curbs; the school corner; spray patching; Harrison St concerns;  The USPS is asking persons with main boxes to move them 6-8” to the side of the road.


Transfer switch for wells 3 & 5= $3390 quote from Kelly Electric, Pontiac.  He was asked to get a bid from Koehler.


USDA of Livingston County Fish and Pond Management sent information and inquiry concerning our desire to stock the 2 ponds with fish.  Caleb estimated $1082.50.  On a motion by Brian, seconded by Bev, it was agreed to stock Legion Lake on a 5 yes 0 no vote.


Mapping is done; on computer;  shrub trees down; alley trees cut; website update coming soon; Facebook page needs updated; truck repair waiting on parts, lift station painted; signs on Jensen Estates.


Reports of muddy water = from well 2 from old firehouse well;  water drained out and hit mud.


Jodi indicated she would not head Flanagan Fest, so it was group consensus to cancel it.  2014 profit = $2176.54.  2015 = $4921.16 with profit = $2744.62.


Garage Sale Days May 13 & 14.  Dave to see if Lions will go in half on dumpster.

Clean-up Days May 18-20.


Dumpster charges ongoing.


Board of Review meeting will be held at 10 am March 23 for TIF Approval.


Board consensus was to deny request for donation to Post Prom.


Liquor License Renewal approval at next meeting.


Golf Cart stickers due.


Junk property was discussed, with following consensus.

  1. Send certified letter with ordinance 10-4.
  2. Ordinance dictates what to do  next; if no action = fine
  3. If still no action = police


Suggestion to have Trost return to cut down dead trees on city property and see about yearly contract for say April 1-15; maybe get bids for clean-up/maintain as needed with rate.


On motion by Brian, seconded by Jason, meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p. m.




Dana L. Worrell-Jumper

Village Clerk