Village of Flanagan
Meeting Minutes March 18, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Mayor R. Jerome Rocke and all present recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was answered by Bev Friese, David Iverson, Dennis Carls, Al Hulse, Clayton Augsburger. Jason Montello arrived later in the meeting.

On a motion by Dennis, seconded by Clayton, the minutes of the February meeting were approved.

On a motion by Bev, seconded by Al, the Treasurer’s Report was approved. December Sales Tax = $4864.52. February Motor Fuel Tax = $2254.23.

On a motion by Al, seconded by Dennis the bills were approved for payment on a 5 yes, 0 no vote.

Police Report showed 25 calls, 6 citations, 3 warnings. Discussion concerned 9-1-1 calls made with no officer on duty and what is the cost; no contract for coverage yet. Jerome was given two options for 20 or 40 hours.

Adam Dontz w/GLCEDC spoke to the Board about the Village’s website. He indicated there are grant funds from the Department of Commerce for website development.

Jeremy discussed the proposed small remote cars race track at Legion Lake. Rich Franklin would need a space 70 x 160 and would begin construction when the weather breaks. We would dig it out and he would maintain the inside of the track. Other items in Jeremy’s report included: need to move forward on playground equipment; Tim would have a mock website by the end of the month; 20 tons of salt has been ordered for next year; a new roof with dome put on salt shed; generator lost power Saturday evening; siren not working-fix in progress; still having problems with cars parked on Main Street when there is 2+” snow; pot hole work needs to be fixed.

Flanagan Fest band discussion – general consensus to have Doug Carls book the band from last year.

Update on Republic Services Dumpster indicated a discrepancy of prices ranging from $18 to $150. Research in process.

Post Prom has requested a donation from the Village. Last year we gave $100 to Post Prom and $50 to the Band. On a motion by Bev, seconded by Dave, it was agreed to donate the same amounts on a 5 yes, 0 no vote.

Village Clean-up dates are May 21-23 from Noon to Noon.

Discussion of Police Contract included 2 options: 12/1-11/30 = $62,000 for a 40 hour week or 20 hours = $11,500. The Board asked Jerome to talk to the County Board about the possibility of 2 part-time officers that would serve 40 hours for $24,000. For now, we have full coverage through March 31.

Andrew Iverson indicated he wants to work again this summer. As he is trained, his hiring was approved.

No committee reports from Parks, Grounds, Streets, Alleys, Water, Sewer, Local Improvements. There will be a pressure test on the sprinkler system at the bank March 19th. No report from Personnel and Finance.

Mayor Rocke indicated the balance of the insurance payment needs to be sent; golf cart registration needs to begin soon and we need to purchase playground equipment.

On a motion by Jason, seconded by David the meeting was adjourned at 8:27 p.m.

Dana L. Worrell-Jumper