The meeting called to order by Bev Friese at 7pm with all present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was answered by Bev Friese, Jason Montello, Dave Iverson, Al Hulse, and Brian Boldt.

Kristy Dodge was appointed clerk for the town meeting. Also, signing of the clerk certificate. Caleb Freese will mail in certificate.

On a motion by Al Hulse, seconded by Dave Iverson the minutes of May 17, 2016 meeting was approved.

On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Jason Montello, the Treasure’s Report was approved. March Sales Tax $3,855.09 March Motor Fuel Tax $2,508.84

On the motion by Al Hulse, seconded by Brian Boldt, the bills were approved by payment. 5 YES 0 NO 1 Missing

The police report showed 29 calls and everything was handled and closed.

Joe Hassinger was present and gave Employee Report.
Some of the alleys were graded, Welcome signs landscaped and plants planted, motors on sewer lagoons serviced and cleaned off, bathrooms are in operation at parks, Parks sprayed for weeds, sump work at Hinshaw’s house, chipped streets, starting working on shoulder work not finished due to water leak, fix water leak at 214 S Main, cleaned up back part of north sled and put up Interlake racking for shelves, Christmas lights are on the shelves, 2 ordinance violations mailed to Durre and knack, Box scrapper used on the website along with golf cart registration form, cold patching streets, motor fuel Tax audit, dug up water line at Danny Browns house and capped sewer line, Cleaned out sumps on elevator corner, repaired a couple shutoffs, fixed leaking chlorine pump in pump house, well 2 has been discontinued and filled in, brush and other daily duties.

Old Business:
Clean up days- May 18-20 went well with no problems
Master Gardeners- Mary Schneider reimbursed for flowers purchased for the welcome signs.
Golf cart- There are a few people that have not registered golf carts. $50 fine will be issued if not registered.
Summer help and Work Progress- Caleb Freese is working on the miscellaneous cleanup. Tanner Bertsche is working for the summer and works well. Parks are cleaned up.

New Business:
Sheriff’s Letters – On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Jason Montello, to report to Marty Fanning that Flanagan will remain with the current agreement/contract by July 1, 2016. 5 YES 0 NO 1 Missing
Backhoe Update- Sales person called. Machine runs great. 20 hours invested. Contract is for 5 years 1500 hours.

Prevailing Wage Ordinance (16.03)- On a motion by Dave Iverson, seconded by Brian Boldt wages were approved. 5 YES 0 NO 1 Missing

Discuss Insurance for Employees-

On a motion by Jason Montello, seconded by Dave Iverson, approved Ben Spencer insurance coverage of $250 for full time employee.

Other Business:
Purchase a sign board to have on the outside of the payment building for Notifications.
Welcoming new businesses to the village.
Blackmore house is torn down and staying zoned residential.

On a motion by Al Hulse, seconded by Jason Montello meeting adjourned at 8pm

Kristy Dodge Village Clerk