Village of Flanagan

Meeting Minutes – July 19, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Bev Friese at 7pm with all present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  A moment of silence was observed for our mayor and board president Jerome Rocke who passed away.  Roll call was answered by Bev Friese, Jason Montello, Dave Iverson, Dennis Carls, Al Hulse, and Brian Boldt.

On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dennis Carls, the minutes of the June 2016 meeting was approved.

On a motion by Al Hulse, seconded by Jason Montello the Treasurer’s Report was approved.                                                 April Sales Tax $3,074.81   June Motor Fuel Tax $1,582.16

On a motion by Dave Iverson, seconded by Dennis Carls, the bills were approved for payment.                                     Roll Call   6 YES   0 NO

Police Report:  Showed 46 calls, 8 tickets, 9 written warnings.  No open cases.  It was noted that August 20 Firemen’s Chicken Dinner in the Park and American Legion has a band/dance.   Sgt.  Mitchell mentioned that our current contract will expire at the end of November.

Employee Report

Caleb was present to give the report. Tanner Bertsche will be leaving soon for college. Repairs on sump pumps, painted hydrants, picking up brush around town, filling in the stump holes, repairs on alleys, checking and cleaning at the parks, elevations are done on the sidewalks by the school, majority of the dangerous trees are down and a cap was made on tree trimming services of $10,000.

A thanks goes out to Sue Miller and the daycare kids for picking up trash at the parks, helping our parks look good.

Comments from Persons Present

Kim Wargo was present and she had no comment.  Board members asked Kim to share information about the library.  Kim mentioned construction was completed and just odds and ends to finish up.  Library cards will be issued when opened, in the meanwhile, Pontiac is currently issuing cards for Flanagan.  Hours will vary to accommodate everyone.  Tentatively open this fall. Kim did offer to give tours of the library before it opens.

Danny Brown was present to make board aware of the Firemen’s Chicken Dinner in the Park on August 20 and was concerned for parking for the Tractor show.  Requested suggestions and a solution to the parking issue.

Old Business

Sheriff’s Letter: Marty Fanning says that they are not budging on the contract of requesting $85k and current contract ends in November 2016.

Incentives for new businesses in town is still under discussion.


New Business

Brian Boldt had a realtor approach him about ideas of getting people to want to live in Flanagan.  A suggestion was made to have a meeting between the village and school board.  Brian will talk to Jerry Farris to set up a date for a meeting to come up with ideas to promote our community.

Appointing someone acting mayor and board president.  Joe Hassinger stated that someone from the board could act as both and not lose their seat on the board.  Position needs to be filled within 60 days from death date.  When it has been decided on, the resolution needs to be filled out and filed.

At 8:15pm, Bev Friese requested all persons to leave except the board as we went into Executive session.  On a motion Dave Iverson, seconded by Dennis Carls, the regular meeting was adjourned.

The meeting came back into regular session.  Jason Montello will be appointed president and acting mayor.  Roll call  6 YES 0 NO  The resolution was filled out with Jason Montello’s name and will be filed.  Jason Montello will be added to the bank accounts to be able to sign checks.

Meeting in August has been moved to the 4th Tuesday of the month, which will be August 22, 2016.

On a motion Dennis Carls, seconded by Dave Iverson, meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.

Kristy Dodge, Clerk

Village of Flanagan