Village of Flanagan

February 21, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Jason Montello at 7pm with everyone reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call answered by Jason Montello, Bev Friese, Dave Iverson, Dennis Carls, and Al Hulse. Brian Boldt was absent.

On a motion Dave Iverson, seconded by Dennis Carls, January 17, 2017 meeting minutes were approved. 5 YES 0 NO
On a motion Bev Friese, seconded by Al Hulse, the Treasurer’s report was approved. December 2016 Sales Tax $2,798.66 January 2017 Motor Fuel Tax $2,503.16 5 YES 0 NO

On a motion Dave Iverson, seconded by Dennis Carls, the bills were approved. 5 YES 0 NO

Employee Report Caleb present and reported flushed hydrants out around 400 Road, sent out inoperable vehicle notices, plowed streets, salted streets, cleaned up trucks, took plows off 2 trucks, ordered portable pottys and dumpster for community sale, programing with locus took 2-3 days for the school, fertilizer and 2 homes, sent out bills, took down wall so control switch is the only thing left, 8 meters are left to be replaced, went thru water parts and received quote for emergency fixing that are lead free.
On a motion Al Hulse, seconded by Bev Friese, Purchase water parts from HD Supply Waterworks was approved. 5 YES 0 NO
Brian Boldt trustee present.

Persons Presents Kim Wargo was inquiring about Public Library government standard sign. Jason made it known to Kim that the village will order the sign and have it installed. Kim mentioned that the library is doing well with the programs offered such as craft nights, preschool reading, and educational classes. New books are coming and a donation was made to the children’s’ section. Library is needing volunteers.

Mr. Babb talked about concerns the village has around town. Parking issues-not block traffic and not obstruct traffic signs and not in village right of way. Vehicles on private property-require parked vehicles on gravel or pavement and limits on residential zones on minimum percentage of green space. Zoning-maybe need to adopt one if there is none, make sure it is accurate, configure map, create a zoning committee. Garbage cans-time limits, number of cans, size of cans, location restrictions. Boats, trailers and campers-are they covered, are they inoperable, time restriction on property. Tiles for drainage & easements-needs to be recorded with the county, come to a verbal agreement is easier, property should be put back in original condition. Car Restoration Business-still will have to comply with ordinances.
Eric Kelly came to meeting to talk about building inspections. Rental property was the main topic. Use Eric’s expertise on inspections so that the rental properties do not become a public nuisance. Eric charges $150 per house and $75 per apartment unit. Report Eric fills out is pass or fail and is given to property owner and to the village.

Open Issues
Water Salesman replacement will be discussed in March meeting when Joe is present. Water controls will also be discussed in March meeting.
Main street construction will be discussed in more detail in March meeting to find the best affordable way. Search for grants and/or loans available to use for the roads. Mitch from Farnsworth should be present for March meeting to be asked specific questions about streets and sidewalks and to see if there is any structural issues.
New Business Would like to have someone from Flanagan to be representation for GLCEDC in April’s Board meeting.

Zoning ordinances- Updating ordinances, adopting international zoning code, and garbage can ordinance. Building committee consists of Brian Boldt, Don Deters, Roger Zehr, Clint Conway, Dennis Carls, Al Hulse, and Dave Iverson. Building inspections on new construction was discussed into detail of who should do the inspections, the cost of the building permit and enforce International zoning codes.
Mr. Babb will be moving forward with the property 214 S Jefferson Street that has the most public safety violations.
On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dennis Carls, approval for a building permit for 200 E Edwards Street to cost $300. 6 YES 0 NO
On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dave Iverson, purchase violation notice tags for the garbage can ordinance. 6 YES 0 NO
On a motion by Al Hulse, seconded by Bev Friese, no further business, meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.
Kristy Dodge Village Clerk