Village of Flanagan

Meeting Minutes December 15, 2015

Mayor R Jerome Rocke called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with a  present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll Call was answered by Bev Friese, Jason Montello, David Iverson, Dennis Carls, Al Hulse.  Brian Boldt came in late.

On a motion by Bev, seconded by Dennis the minutes of the November meeting were approved.

On a motion by David, seconded by Al the Treasurer’s report was approved.  We should be caught up on Motor Fuel Tax.  September Sales Tax = $3777.93.  August Motor Fuel Tax = $2697.79.  September Motor Fuel Tax = $1816.62.

On a motion by Jason, seconded by Dennis the bills were approved for payment on a 5 yes, 0 no, 1 absent vote.

Police report showed 1 felony arrest, 0 citations and 0 warnings.

Joe came from Farnsworth Group to say thanks to the Board for their patronage during the year.

Employee’s report:  we have enough water meters to complete installation.  Signs for the subdivision have been paid for by Jensen Estates.  Caleb has been getting static on leaf pickup-the vacuum overheats but he will work around that.  Outside of shed is almost complete.  On a Motion by Dave, second by Al, it was agreed to repair the interior ceiling and painting at a cost of $500 for taping and $2500 for inside work.

The salt spreader has been repaired.  Mapping is in progress.  Some street lights are out and Ameren has been called to repair them, but it will take about 10 days to replace.

Tiling update:  had to order more 24” tile from MN.

2 sumps at Jensen Estates are not holding.  They are to contact the people who installed them to return and redo the project.

Questions were raised about mowing at Jensen Estates:  who is to mow?  It was understood that VoF mows from the road to the property line.  We need an agreement in writing with a schedule and have our attorney compile the document.  The Park District takes care of the berm.

Adam Dontz explained to the Board the Enterprise Zone being used by the State.  Any business wanting to build in Livingston and/or Grundy counties would receive the following:

A waiver of sales tax on new construction materials

A waver of sales tax on equipment purchases

A waiver of sale tax on utilities

Investment tax credit

We would need an Ordinance Establishing a Livingston County Enterprise Zone. Adam indicated there are 65 taxing zones in the County.  He has identified 12 ½ square miles around Flanagan as possible building sites.

On a motion by Jason, seconded by David an Intergovernmental Agreement: Livingston County Enterprise Zone was approved.

On a motion by Brian, seconded by Bev, Ordinance 2015-04 Establishing Livingston County Enterprise Zone was approved.

For a business to consider locating in Flanagan, we would need to consider quality and capacity of our water and capacity of our sewer to handle whatever their needs might be.

Issue of garbage ordinance discussion culminated in Caleb and Jerome to meet with Allied Waste to recount the number of viable pickups so we are not being overcharged.

On a motion by Al, seconded by Jason, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.




Dana L. Worrell-Jumper

Clerk, Village of Flanagan