Village of Flanagan

Meeting Minutes December 16, 2014


Mayor R. Jerome Rocke called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with all reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call was answered by Bev Friese, Jason Montello, Al Hulse, Brian Boldtj. David Iverson and Dennis Carls were absent.


On a motion by Al, seconded by Brian the November meeting minutes were approved.

On a motion by Brian, seconded by Bev, the December 1, 2014 Caucus meeting minutes were approved.


On a motion by Jason, seconded by Brian, the treasurer’s report was approved. September Sales Tax = $4656.81.   November Motor Fuel Tax – $2406.15.


On a motion by Al, seconded by Bev, the bills were approved for payment on a 4 yes, 0 no, 2 absent vote.


Police report showed 8 calls.


John and Kathy Shinkey were present to discuss the 2015 Car Show set for July 26, 2015. They are considering organizing an Amboy Car Show with a 50/50 drawing. However, it would need to be non-profit and they were asking help from the Village. Mayor Rocke asked them to put together more concrete information and indicated he would work with them.


Caleb reported the Christmas decorations were up with some broken/faulty wiring needing repaired. Water meters are in process. Plows are ready for snow. Need to update fax machine and other office equipment. Christmas Tree disposal will be the responsibility of the Village. Late water/sewer payment getting smaller.


Jensen Estates update = no dirt in gutters. Blacktopping and Salem Water Tower issues are tabled until Spring 2015.


On a motion by Jason, seconded by Bev, Ordinance 14-05 Levying a Tax on Property was passed.


On a motion by Jason, seconded by Al, Ordinance 14-06 on Cross-Connection Control was passed. This is a requirement of the EPA in which home owners who have wells on their property and are also using city water must have a shut-off valve on the well so the two waters do not mix and become contaminated. The value is the owner’s responsibility with a $50 re-connection fee.


Need to re-evaluation leaf and garbage pick-up. Also discussed was the concern that trash and recycling bins are not being retrieved after pick-up on Fridays.


Discussion on the Lift Station Elevator revealed there are electrical problems and our insurance company does not have anyone capable of inspection.


On a motion by Bev, seconded by Brian, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.





Dana L. Worrell-Jumper