August 15, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Jason Montello at 7pm with everyone reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll call was answered by Jason Montello, Bev Friese, Kim Wargo, Dave Iverson, Dennis Carls, and Al Hulse. Brian Boldt was absent.

On a motion by Carls, seconded by Wargo, the April 18th, 2017 meeting minutes were approved. 5 yes 0 no.

On a motion by Friese, seconded by Hulse, the Treasures’s report was approved. 5 yes 0 no.

June sales tax $4093.71.  March motor fuel tax $2565.77

On a motion by Friese, seconded by Carls, the bills were approved. 5 yes 0 no.

Employee’s Report

Caleb Freese reports: 4 areas of sidewalk are being repaired, mowing and brush pick up continues, hydrants are being serviced and painted, pond maintenance continues, water service install on Adams/400 rd in process, and there are 5 more meters to be installed.

Committee reports

Kim Wargo reports there will be a Flanagan Improvement Team meeting September 18th at 7pm at the Flanagan State Bank conference room.

Open Business

Siren install is waiting on the insurance quote.  The water rate study was tabled to next month.

Lena Hartley from the county, Sheriff Childress, and Sgt. Mitchel were present to discuss a police contract for the Village of Flanagan.  After the presentation, the matter was tabled for a vote for next meeting.

New Business

An Intergovernmental agreement was entered with Nebraska Township.  Motioned by Iverson, seconded by Friese. 5 yes 0 no.

The quote for seal coating the “Depot” parking lot and the path around Legion Lake was passed.  Motioned by Carls, seconded by Iverson.  5 yes 0 no.

Vacating portion of West Douglas St ordinance 17-05 passed.  Motioned by Iverson, seconded by Friese.  5 yes 0 no.

Appropriation ordinance 17-06 passed.  Motioned by Friese, seconded by Carls.  5 yes 0 no.

On a Motion by Friese, seconded by Hulse, meeting was adjourned.