Village of Flanagan

Meeting Minutes – August 23, 2016


The meeting was called to order by Jason Montello at 7 PM with all reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call was answered by Jason Montello, Dennis Carls, Dave Iverson, Brian Boldt, and Bev. Friese.   Absent – Allen Hulse     Also absent was Kristy Dodge, Clerk.   Bev. Friese was asked to take minutes.

On a motion by Dave Iverson, seconded by Brian Boldt, the minutes of the July 2016 meeting were approved as reviewed. 

On a motion by Bev. Friese, seconded by Dennis Carls, the Treasurers Report was approved. 

May Sales Tax $3145.57   July Motor Fuel Tax $2539.53

On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dave Iverson, the bills were approved for payment.  

Roll Call – 5 YES   0 NO

Police Report – Sgt. Mitchell was presented and noted that there were 24 activities in town, 3 warnings and 1 citation. Several golf carts in town are still without stickers.   Tickets will be given to those persons who have not yet purchased them.

Employees Report – Caleb Freese reported that the hydrants on Jefferson and Main have been painted and flushed. Conservation officers took samples at Legion Lake in regard to the fish kill. Currently it is okay to take fish from the lake. It was suggested that we hire a pond management group to manage the lake.  Cost would be approximately $450.00.    Presently we need to take as many fish out (possibly a bounty on the carp) and start fresh.  Caleb also reported on the properties that received clean-up notices (100 Washington, 312 N. Main, and 106 E. Lincoln).  He also gave bids from several firms who do this type of clean-up work.  He also stated that there is a Pontiac attorney and a property inspector in the area who work specifically with this type of situation. Caleb will check this out further and report back to the board.  The board felt that an outside group should be hired to do this clean-up work leaving our employees free to do regular village work. On a motion by Brian, seconded by Dave, it was agreed that another letter be sent to the property owners informing them that it would run $200.00 an hour for clean-up and that they would have 14 days to complete it before professional clean-up would begin. 

5 YES  0 NO

Comments from Persons Present

Sheriff Tony Childress, Livingston County Sheriff’s Department, spoke about the police contract.

Old Business

The subject of incentives for new businesses in town continued from last month.   Jason will put together a form that will be given to the new businesses (New businesses as of January 1, 2016) to fill out.   Upon approval by the board a $500 credit on their water/sewer bill will be awarded.   The board will need to approve this form before we start handing out these forms to new businesses

New Business

The Annual Appropriation Ordinance of the Village of Flanagan, Illinois was presented.  On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dennis Carls, the board approved this Appropriation Ordinance (Ordiance 2016-05).  It will be filed as instructed.   5 YES  0 NO   

The grass in Jensen Subdivision needs mowing.   A notice will be sent.

Jason was able to talk to State Rep. Thomas Bennett at a recent meeting he attended.  Topic they discussed was concerns of small towns. 

On a motion by Dennis Carls, seconded by Bev. Friese the meeting was adjourned.

Beverley Friese