April 18, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Jason Montello at 7pm with everyone reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was answered by Jason Montello, Bev Friese, Dave Iverson, Dennis Carls, Al Hulse and Brian Boldt.

On a motion by Dennis Carls, seconded by Brian Boldt, the March 21, 2017 meeting minutes were approved. 5 YES 0 NO

On a motion by Dave Iverson, seconded by Al Hulse, the Treasurer’s report was approved. 5 YES 0 NO February 2017 SALES TAX $3,569.65
March 2017 MOTOR FUEL TAX $2,034.90

On a motion by Denny Carls, seconded by Bev Friese, the bills were approved. 5 YES 0 NO

Employee’s Report
Ben Spencer present and reported that mowing was done, brush removal, worked on the road, cold patching, removed the catch and release signs at legion lake, cleaned sumps, cleaned and opened the park restrooms, a few water meters changed out.

Comments from Persons Present
Master Gardeners reported a few plants didn’t come back this year, they need to be replaced. Mulch needed last year was free. Plants needed for Main Street and Welcome signs from Flanagan Cornell greenhouse will be a good deal at half price. There has been interest in bringing color to the North end of Main Street. Mulch will be taken care of this year- free.
On a motion by Brian Boldt, seconded by Dave Iverson, approval of $200 budget for master gardeners to maintain and purchase plants for the village. 5 YES 0 NO

Open Business
Water controls will be mentioned in May’s meeting from Joe Hassinger.
Water Salesman received 4 different quotes. The 4 quotes will be reviewed and discussed in May’s meeting.
Emergency siren is needing a decimal reading to determine if it needs to be replaced or not.
Tile easement – waiting for a survey from Farnsworth.

New Business
Fire District Status: Marvin William, Chris Schneider and Jim Wheeler present. For the month of May, Ambulance will not be running due to not having an EMT. Asked surrounding towns (Gridley, Minonk, Duffy’s), to help with the emergency calls. Asked the nursing homes to help with first responses before an ambulance shows up. Village was asked if Caleb Freese and Ben Spencer could also help out with being first responders during working hours. Jason Montello will get back to the fire district board.
Tree trimming contract: Yearly contract with Trost has come due and will need a new yearly contract. Jason Montello will contact Trost to get a new contract ready for approval from the village board.
Town wide garage sales are May 19th and May 20th.
Clean up days follow: Wednesday May 24th noon, Thursday May 25th, Friday May 26th noon. Note: no paint cans, no tires, no hazardous materials.

Intergovernmental Agreement with Nebraska Township – On a motion by Bev Friese, seconded by Dave Iverson, have a formal agreement written up for the two townships to share resources. 5 YES 0 NO

Dan Brown asked for the Community sale cost to present at the Lions club meeting.
On a motion by Bev Friese, seconded by Dave Iverson, approved liquor licenses for Falcon Food & Spirit and Flanagan American Legion Post 456. 5 YES 0 NO
Dan Mays is going to have a work day for the community on June 24th 8am to 3pm. This is to help out the community. Idea was to clean up the yards that may have some overgrown plants weeds.
Ben Spencer reported that the village does not have a legal document from Bill Durre about his two houses. Barnie Hulse will be tearing down the two houses owned by Bill Durre. Bill Durre needs to provide a legal document/contract stating what he is liable for on the two houses and state how demolish is going to be handled.
Vandalism has picked up in town. We do ask that people call the vandalism into the police so they are aware of the issues going on in town. You may email concerns and questions to:

Next month May 2017 meeting, will be discussing committees – Zoning board, Neighborhood watch committee. Once the committee has been formed, it will be on the monthly meeting agenda.
On a motion by Bev Friese, seconded by Brian Boldt, meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.

Kristy Dodge, Village clerk