Village of Flanagan

Meeting Minutes April 21, 2015


Mayor R. Jerome Rocke called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with all present reciting the pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was answered by Bev Friese, Jason Montello, David Iverson, Dennis Carls, Al Hulse, Brian Boldt.


On a motion by Brian, seconded by Bev minutes of the March meeting were approved.


On a motion by Dennis, seconded by Al, the Treasurer’s report was approved.  December Sales Tax = $5,081.19.  January Sales Tax = $3,279.29.  March Motor Fuel Tax = $1,022.99.


On a motion by Bev, seconded by David, the bills were approved for payment on a 6 yes, 0 no vote.


Police report showed 15 calls, 3 citations.  Jeremy to supply deputies with list of golf carts.


Business reverts to 10C: MF Tax repairs on Main St:  Mitch Wedall (Peoria Farnsworth Group) discussed the program for spray patching streets, sidewalks, main street curbs, gutter lines, etc. and presented 3 options.  The 2nd option would help with water issues

and would cover curbing, overlaying existing pavement, fixing existing driveways and last approximately 5/10 years.  A resolution adopted appropriating $21,000 of Motor Fuel Tax funds for the maintenance of streets and highways in the Village of Flanagan from May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016.  On a motion by Bev, seconded by Jason, it was approved.


Business reverts to 8: Employee’s report (also includes 10 A)  sewer lining 19” tile completed; parks opened; fountain in at Legion Lakes; need weights to keep aerator at Lagoon down; light on top of water tower needs fixed; light south park shelter need fixed; roof repairs tresses (2) broken but think recycling tin good to use.


Flanagan Fest Committee update: issues with fencing set-ups; back of bowling alley to back of Legion, front of pot office to back of Community bldg., front of Community bldg. to Library; everything is rented;  bands to be on flat-bed in front of library;  softball tournament ok; Legion Auxiliary will have breakfast Sunday am, kids attractions and 5-k run all ok.  No fireworks due to no money in budget.


Lift stations=completed.

TIF 1 yearly reports completed and sent.


Clean-up days Wed noon-Fri noon with ATR picking up electronics for $500.


Caleb presented quotes from GCS Technology Solutions for new computer/printer office equipment.  On a motion by Jason, seconded by Brian it was agreed to pay $2187.48 for the equipment.  On a motion by Dennis, seconded by Jason it was agreed to install a designated fax line for the office.


On a motion by Dennis, seconded by David all the liquor license applications were approved.


Mayor Rocke asked the board members to email him with the name of the committee they wish to serve on during the 2015-2016 year.


Dana briefly reported on attending the Greater Livingston County Economic Development Council meeting on April 15th.


Other business discussed included: providing gravel in driveways for interested persons at $25 per scoop; retention basin at Jensen Estates needs rock like rock around Legion Lake.


On a motion by David, seconded by Brian the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.






Dana L. Worrell-Jumper

Village Clerk