Village of Flanagan

Meeting Minutes April 15, 2014

Mayor R. Jerome Rocke called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with all present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call was answered by Beverly Friese, Jason Montello, David Iverson, Dennis Carls, Al Hulse, Clayton Augsburger.

On a motion by Bev, seconded by Dennis the March meeting minutes were approved.

On a motion by Clayton, seconded by David the treasurer’s report was approved.

January Sales Tax = $2916.20. March Motor Fuel Tax = $1772.49. Second insurance installment for the year has been paid. Police contract was tabled. Water/Sewer rate increase was discussed. On a motion by Al, seconded by Dennis the bills were approved for payment on a 6 yes, 0 no vote.

Police report showed 12 calls, 7 citations, 8 warnings. Also reported was that people are running the stop sign on South Jefferson between 7­8 pm.

Persons present included: John and Kathy Shinkey, Roger Grundy, Allan and Karen Durre, Dick Jumper, Glen Hansen, Brian and Debbie Blossom, Tom and Beth Kaprun and Danny Brown. Brian Blossom read a statement concerning the proposed toy car race track and others present voiced their concerns.

Jeremy stated that the website would be up tomorrow; Golf Cart stickers are due by April 30. Continue changing water meters. The lift station’s electric pump broke and will be fixed Wednesday. The Bertsche farm on S Adams are now tied into city water.

Under Old Business, Mayor Rocke stated that the owners of the enterprise have withdrawn their desire to build the race track in Flanagan due to lack of lease agreement. On a motion by Bev, seconded by Al it was agreed in a 6 yes 0 no vote to rescind the rack track in Legion Park motion made in February off the books.

Kathy Shinkey reported on the up­coming Car Show in July. They expect more than 115 cars. She also indicated petitions are circulating around town to put the Library issue on the November ballot.

Doug Carls has secured Bubble Gum Jack band for Flanagan Fest 2014, and is also working on staging. Inflatables will be the same as last year. Question was raised as to who is in charge of fireworks.

Clean­up Days are scheduled for May 21­23, Noon to Noon. The Garage Sales will be the week before. Jeremy indicated cost of TV disposal would be 40­60 cents per pound.

Considerable discussion concerning police contract. Mayor Rocke met with Livingston County Board Marty Fannin to propose 2 half­time deputies at $24,000. He was told that would not be accepted and that we would need to go another route. Part­-time coverage with a contract would be $11,500. On a motion by Jason, seconded by David, it was agreed to accept a contract for $11,500 on a 6 yes, 0 no vote. Further discussion included a “Fire Watch”, which would be a part­-time officer paid by the Village of Flanagan, On a motion by Dennis, seconded by Clayton it was agreed to authorize Mayor Rocke to check into this avenue.

Garbage rates will be going up. We are collecting less for dumpsters than we are paying for them. Jeremy indicated there are 61 accounts totaling $7200 for non­payment of water bills. He also indicated we need to change our water/sewer ordinance due to rate increases, and to indicate if bills not paid in full within 10 days of due date, water would be shut off.

IMF Tax repairs include Main Street by Boldt’s apartments. IDOT has to approve agreement before we can do work. Spray patches won’t hold. Multiple places in town need to be fixed. On a motion by David, seconded by Al it was agreed on a 6 yes 0 no vote to proceed with this project, which would cost approximately $20,500 to fix.

No committee reports.

Mayor Rocke indicated all liquor licenses for May 1, 2014­April 30, 2015 have been issued at the same fee. On a motion by Bev, seconded by Dennis this was approved.

The siren still is not working on the north end of town; signals between siren stations are not working together. On a motion by David, seconded by Al, the board authorized Jeremy to research the cost to fix the problem.

Yard of the Month is on hold. Will discuss proposed Library at May meeting. Zoning issued permit to Rick Zehr to build a garage. Fences around properties can be on property line. Concerns were raised about go­carts and dirt bikes racing around Aqua Ranch. Glen Hanson asked who maintains the alley between his property and Jim Durre’s business. The Co­Op has easement between the North­South alley.

On a motion by Al, seconded by David, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Dana L. Worrell­Jumper

Village Clerk